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Our E-book formatting, design and distribution services

Would you like to have your unpublished novel, short story, screenplay, or non-fiction writing, available for sale as an eBook at multiple online markets to MILLIONS of potential customers? Earning you passive income constantly?

Do you have a printed book that you would like to convert to an eBook and continue earning revenue with?

What is an eBook?

An eBook is an electronic version of a book that be read on many electronic devices of today, such as the Kindle eBook reader, iPhone, iPad, Droid, laptop, computer screen, and many other types of cell phones and mobile devices.

Why make an eBook?

The publishing world is changing rapidly. Many authors are walking away from traditional, established publishers, because they can make more money on their own, and have greater control over their work. The digital eBook publishing revolution is here!

In traditional publishing models, the writer makes the least of all, somewhere in the range of 15% of the total revenue book sales. With eBook publishing, the writer stands to make 60% to 70% of the revenue from the sale of their books! This is an unheard of profit margin in traditional publishing – it just doesn’t happen! With eBooks, the author controls every facet of their book, from where to offer it for sale, to what price to charge, to the cover artwork – everything!

Also, eBooks will never sell out of stock, and they never go out of print! The author retains all rights and full control of their work, forever!

Recently, a New York Tines bestselling author said no to a $500, 000 offer from a traditional book publisher, because is was convinced that he will earn MORE money publishing his book himself as an eBook!

Remember, with eBooks, they NEVER go out of print! That’s why an investment into having your eBook produced will pay off for years to come – even for the rest of your life, and then for your family!

Our services

Don’t know how to make an eBook, or don’t want to spend the time and hassle doing it yourself? That’s where we can help you.

We will convert a Microsoft Word file of your writing, or do a scan of your paper book, and format it into an eBook, suitable for distribution on major online eBook stores like with their Kindle platform, Apple’s iBooks for the iPad, and iPhone, Barnes and Noble’s Nook eReader, and many more!

We also do cover design – a decent cover is a MUST for online eBook retailing!

Our services can include setting up your online eBook account for distribution of  your eBook to the major  eBook retailers.

Your eBook will be available in all of the popular formats:

  • Kindle (.mobi)
  • Epub (open format for Stanza reader and more)
  • LRF (Sony Reader)
  • RTF (for most word processors)
  • PDF (ideal for image-heavy books and to print out)
  • Palm Doc (PDB) (for Palm devices)
  • Plain Text (nearly universal for most devices)

eBooks that are for sale online right now, that we have produced:


Our rates:

Please contact us for a custom quote.

*Half the payment due upfront, the balance due upon delivery of your finished eBook. We accept cheques, money orders, PayPal and cash.
*Conversion prices are for eBook formatting only, and do not include editing services such as proof-reading, spelling corrections, or consultation on your story. Editing services are available for an additional fee.

We can work with you no matter where you are located, as long as you can send us a digital file, or mail us your book to be scanned in.