Want to make you computer faster? Has it slowed down?

Written with the beginning computer user in mind, we show you how to make your computer faster with this easy to follow, step-by-step guide.

Illustrated with full-color screen shots, we walk you through several procedures to speed up your computer.

Even computer experts may not know some of these tricks!

Our 30 years as heavy-duty, professional computer users and technicians have given us skills and tools that most casual computer users do not have.

We’ll show you how to speed up a slow Windows computer – even a computer you might think is useless!

Most Windows computers run more slowly over time – this is a fact. Most people pay for costly repairs at their computer shop, yet their PCs soon slow down, again! Or, people even buy a new computer, thinking their old PC is too slow.

With this simple guide, we aim to empower you with the tools and know-how to maintain your Windows computer in top, fast running condition, for a fraction of the cost and hassle of going to a computer shop, or a pricey technician.

By Web of Life Solutions 5 Star Review:

Crucial information By Alexx37

I have to thank you. I’m in front of my laptop and I click the browser, it opens and loads the page super fast. Before it would load and load and load never connecting unless I rebooted it every time. I didn’t know I had a virus until the tech who came to fix my Internet told me to take my laptop to a shop or just throw it away and buy a new one. Both would have cost a lot of money and been a total waste. All I had to do was clean up a little. I’m sure that’s what the shop I brought it to would have done and cost me a fortune every 6 months to keep it running smoothly. The tech didn’t think I could do it myself because I’m not “technologically savvy.” Whatever. I did it and it was easy. 🙂 The programs you suggested were all free ones. They are awesome! This is knowledge every computer owner should have. It would keep so many computers out of the landfills and save so much money wasted on buying new computers. You don’t need a new computer if its slow. You need this book. Mine is running better than new because I bought the floor model at the store.”

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